Lead to Change 2016/2017


In early 2016 a CENE G4C event discussing leadership in the construction industry sparked an idea that led the creation of L2C.  Catchy abbreviations I hear you say?!  Who are L2C?  What do they do?  L2C is an abbreviation of Lead to Change.  We are a group of 10 individuals from differing paths across the industry who have come together with the assistance and support of CENE and DSA Building Performance since that initial session to undertake a project together to work on our teamwork, leadership and innovation skills. 

Over the course of a year we have selected a theme of interest to investigate and have explored how we can take some action and maybe ‘make a change’ on this topic.  Our topic of choice is “how to influence change without hierarchical power”. We have drawn together our experiences and present them here for your perusal in the PDF below along with portfolios of the individuals who were involved in the project.

 Lead 2 Change Findings

Lead 2 Change 16-17

If you have an idea for change and would like to know more or are interested in becoming involved in the L2C group please contact Amy at amy@cene.org.uk