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Constructing Excellence merges with BRE

CE BREFollowing extensive discussions with its members and stakeholders, the board of Constructing Excellence (CE) has confirmed the merger with BRE.  The move is designed to strengthen and grow the CE membership and its positive impact on the industry at a time of significant global challenge.

Under the merger BRE will maintain the distinctive CE brands, develop the network and add critical capacity in developing digital tools, delivering training and events and growing the international reach.  It will also enable CE to achieve its long-term ambition of establishing a Constructing Excellence Foundation under the BRE Trust which would see trading profit channelled into research and education for the benefit of members.

Murray Rowden, Global Head of Infrastructure, Turner and Townsend, and Chairman of Constructing Excellence said ‘CE has a strong vision for our industry and the merger with BRE provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our influence and realise our ambition of being the leading organisation driving improvement in construction and the build environment. It is a good move for our membership who gain additional benefits from BRE’s cutting edge research and global reach. We are all delighted by this development and look forward to sharing knowledge and best practice to benefit the industry.’

What does this mean for the North East?
The arrangement makes huge sense for both organisations, financially, operationally but more importantly, in terms of driving the ongoing change agenda in UK construction and pursuit of collaborative working and whole life vale in all of our projects.

However, it is important for you to be clear that CENE will not be affected in any way by this merger. CENE is a separate legal entity so we remain outside of this merger and we retain our brand.  This is also the case for all Constructing Excellence Regional Centres around the country as they too are separate legal entities.

The deal will allow Constructing Excellence to achieve a step-change in the level of investment in, and impact of, its activities on behalf of the membership. The merger secures the future of the brand, our mission and our movement of Constructing Excellence. It also achieves the long-term ambition of establishing a Constructing Excellence Foundation to raise and leverage funds and support research and education for the benefit of our members and the sector as a whole.

To read the full press release about the merger please go to http://tinyurl.com/hamp52q

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