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23rd June Journal Column

By Richard Waterhouse, Chief Executive of NBS

On Wednesday (21 June) the NBS team launched their new tool, the NBS Online Viewer powered by Autodesk Forge at Autodesk University in London.

Since becoming the first UK Autodesk Solutions Associate last year, NBS and Autodesk have been working together to develop the next generation of information and knowledge management integration.  This latest development is all about taking Building Information Modelling (BIM) into the cloud. By doing this, NBS will be providing a solution which provides and maintains critical data within the construction workflow allowing customers to provide more value to their clients.

The NBS Online Viewer makes it quick and easy for everyone working on a project to view a 3D model and associated specification without the need for additional software or a licence. With just a web browser and a free NBS ID, projects can be brought to life with linked manufacturer and specification data. The NBS Online Viewer will provide huge efficiency gains for designers, manufacturers, contractors and building owners/operators alike, by allowing everyone to be informed on a project regardless of technology barriers.

The tool works by combining either the Revit or IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) model with NBS Create in the cloud. It’s as simple as clicking the ‘model’ button and uploading this with the associated specification. Once uploaded, the model can be navigated within the web browser.

The specification viewer provides approximate quantities calculated from the model and presents linked clauses together with hyperlinks to external resources such as manufacturer websites and published documents. By adding email addresses, others can be invited to view the model and specification.

NBS has developed plug-ins for BIM design software for a number of years, allowing customers to better coordinate their models and specifications. The NBS Online Viewer development is in direct response to customers needing to be able to share and view coordinated design and specification information. Being able to view and interrogate this information using a 3D model will allow for earlier informed decision making on projects, whilst providing the right content and information to the right people at the right time.

For all those working on BIM projects, I encourage you all to give it a trial run. It is currently in public beta phase, but will be open for the next few months and from there NBS will determine how best to build the first release to market.

To access the NBS Online Viewer and to give feedback visit, www.theNBS.com/viewer

For more information on Constructing Excellence in the North East, please contact chief executive, Catriona Lingwood, on 0191 500 7880 or email catriona@cene.org.uk.

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