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29th September Journal Column


By Gillian Gomersall, Director of NRL

Construction is one of the biggest industries in the world, and because of what it does, it has the most potential to make a difference. More than any other industry, its decisions, innovation, ideas and products have a direct impact on the environment, the local community and area.

The industry provides huge social value opportunities. Social value is the notion of a contract being awarded to a company based on the impact the agreement will have on the wider community, rather than just the price being the lowest. It can be anything from, providing work opportunities, using local suppliers or recycled materials or engaging with schools or community groups.

Recruitment company, NRL Ltd has been working with the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) charity to help recruit volunteers. RVS is a charity that has helped older people stay active, independent and able to continue to contribute to society. They help with everything from day to day tasks such as; leaving the house or shopping, popping round for a chat and raising awareness of the issues older people face on a national level.

NRL provides recruitment, training, rail maintenance and Non-Destructive testing (NDT) services to the technical, engineering and construction industries. They provide people and skills across the UK and internationally and have a database of over 275,000 potential candidates. They have successfully provided thousands of trades and staff to major capital construction projects on both a temporary and permanent basis, something the industry is extremely grateful of, given the skills shortage they’ve struggled with for some time. NRL strive to set the industry standard in recruitment and contracting services, but their work with RVS is also setting the standard for companies outside of the industry.

NRL actively encourages its staff to give back to local communities and offers all members of staff a charity day to volunteer or fundraise for a charity of their choice. Six members of NRL staff have already used their charity days to help out at RVS coffee mornings. The events were held in conjunction with Marks & Spencer and were a chance for service users and volunteers to get together and enjoy an afternoon of coffee, cakes and singing; for most users, this is the only time they get to leave the house. They also held pop up volunteer recruitment stores at The Bridges, Sunderland and had an impressive 9 sign ups in one day!

NRL pride themselves on their core values; openness, care, accountability, professionalism, commerciality and integrity. Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what a company values. They are used in the decision-making process, and should be honoured through all aspects of the company, regardless of the industry. Having encouraged others to volunteer, NRL put their money where their mouth is and got involved. Their commitment to their values, the industry and the local community should be commended and other companies in the industry could follow suit.

For more information on NRL, please contact Director, Gillian Gomersall, on 0191 418 8067 or email ggomersall@nrl.co.uk

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