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30/08/2018 – The Value of Apprenticeships

At Constructing Excellence in the North East, we love nothing more than celebrating young people and ensuring opportunities for them continue to grow in the construction industry.

Apprenticeships give young people hands-on experience and the opportunity to gain qualifications whilst learning skills and gaining industry knowledge. They are a great combination of on- and off-site learning and experience, guided by tutors or mentors. I love seeing the entries fly in each year for the Apprentice of the Year category in our Generation for Change (G4C) Awards. Each year we get more than the last, proving that apprenticeships are on the rise with more companies finally realising the benefits of employing apprentices.

Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing, Planning and the Built Environment are within the top five sectors for apprenticeship starts. In the 2016/17, our industry had 21,000 new starts and the Engineering and Manufacturing sector had 74,000. Apprenticeships are a way of futureproofing the UK workforce, particularly in our sector where there is a skills shortage, so it is pleasing to see that real progress is being made.

A career in construction can be seriously rewarding to both the employee and the employer. According to the latest research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), apprentices in the industry will go on to earn thousands of pounds more than many of their university-educated equivalents. Also, because the industry is in the midst of a skills shortage and the government has such an ambitious house building target, we need to commit to recruiting and training the right people to be anywhere near reaching the targets set. Thankfully, success for apprenticeships is anticipated to keep growing as the new apprenticeship levy that was introduced last year brings with it a new way of funding apprenticeship programmes. Whilst some employers have snubbed it as just being ‘another tax’, both large and small employers can benefit from the fund. It is designed to cover apprentice training fees and is open to all apprenticeship courses, including higher level courses meaning that 90% of apprenticeship training costs are funded by the government.

National Apprenticeship Week, which takes place in March and the Apprenticeship Levy have raised awareness of apprenticeships across the UK. Despite the progress we’ve been making and the huge skills shortage, many employers are still only scratching the surface of what they could be doing to use apprenticeships to attract new people to join the industry. To ensure everyone knows what apprenticeships are, the benefits of employing apprenticeships and the support that is available, Constructing Excellence in the North East are hosting a breakfast seminar on 10 October to provide insight into everything you need to know. If you still have reservations, come along and find out exactly how apprenticeships can help you and your organisation.

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