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OneVoice is a campaign for the betterment of our industry and our region – Adam Dalby, Architect, Faulkner Browns

Adam Dalby, is an architect at FaulknerBrowns and a committee member of Generation for Change (G4C) North East. It is through G4C that he became involved with OneVoice Steering Group, to ensure the ambitions of young professionals are heard and incorporated into the plans for the industry and the region.

He is one of a number of aspiring young professionals to back OneVoice to build a successful, sustainable and inclusive construction industry, equipped with the people, skills and technology to deliver a carbon neutral built environment.
Adam said: “OneVoice is a campaign for the betterment of our industry and our region. The action plan released in September 2021, has been prepared in consultation with regional industry, drawing on shifts in national governance and initiatives. Ultimately, the plan is to equip the region to create more and better jobs, to export our skills but not our people and to enhance the North East with the projects we deliver and the people and careers we grow.

“I know, first-hand, the draw London can have on young professionals and their career, having moved there after finishing my Masters in Architecture. However I did move back to my native North East. We have real career opportunities in the region and we must promote that. The North East is not just the training ground for our construction professionals, a successful career and life can be achieved here. Working habits, accelerated by the pandemic, are shifting and we need to promote the region and industry as remote and flexible working options become more commonplace. We need to draw talent to the region, to retain the talent we already have and to encourage investment in the region.

“This campaign is an invitation to the industry to add your voice to our collective OneVoice and drive change.”

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