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Passionate about people development

Hollie Statham is a design manager at one of the largest, most successful privately-owned construction and development groups in the UK, Bowmer and Kirkland.

As well as being Generation for Change (G4C) North East co-chair, Hollie champions schemes such as NELEP Enterprise Advisors scheme, NAWIC North East (Social Media Coordinator and Mentor), NEUPC Engagement Lead, CITB Construction Ambassadors and Career Ready.
In 2019, she won the title of G4C New Professional of the Year and in 2020 she was crowned Mentor of the Year.
Alongside managing partner at Ryder Architecture, Mark Thompson, Hollie is leading on developing the people theme within the OneVoice Steering Group.

Hollie’s main role as people lead is to drive the strategies outlined in the action plan forward, to influence the future of the construction industry.

As such, she is one of a number of young professionals, pledging her support to the North East England Construction Strategy, OneVoice.
Hollie said: “OneVoice exists to build a successful, sustainable and inclusive construction industry, equipped with the people, skills and technology to deliver a carbon neutral built environment by 2050.

“I am passionate about supporting people development, particularly the targeting of businesses to look at training, not just for their companies, but for the region as a whole. Training for the region is crucial if we want to not only retain talent, but ensure the North East is the best location in which to work in construction.

“As an industry, we need to change the perception that social value and community engagement is just a tick box exercise, it is critical to the progression of our industry and the people in it.

“Within the OneVoice Steering Group there are a number of contributors including the Construction Industry Council NE, Construction Alliance North East and Constructing Excellence North East. Mark and I support the development of projects and initiative to help drive activity to encourage people to join the industry and support the people already employed.

“It has been hugely beneficial to be alongside the range of likeminded committee members who are working with senior practitioners, so that we have a dynamic blend of innovative, new ideas, mixed with experience, to help drive the sector forward.

“Working alongside Mark and the steering group, we aim to implement an action plan which promotes the North East of England as a beacon of best practice for construction and acts as a megaphone for the region, championing and celebrating construction not just regionally but on a national level.

“To do this, communication will be key. We need to ensure we are all striving to make a change and my role is very much to support the process of our people development.

“As well as support from the sector, we will be liaising with the regional LEPs and local government bodies to ensure confidence is high within the supply chain. This will help lead to investment in people, training and growth within the region.

“As we move forward, we need to develop and deliver against KPIs for OneVoice and drive-up industry engagement, whilst reporting our findings back to the sector. We must ensure the industry and construction clients are informed and develop a deeper understanding of value, demonstrating broader outcomes beyond traditional cost, time and quality.

“OneVoice is not a one-off, it is an ongoing campaign to unite the industry, deliver our future together and to drive change. I am so glad I get to be a part of it.”

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