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G4C Success Stories – Duncan McIndoe

Who you are and what your current role is?

Duncan McIndoe Global HR Director at Turner & Townsend

What was your route into the industry?

I wanted to be an Architect but discovered I couldn’t draw. QS was the natural route into the construction industry, which I was fascinated by.  An exciting industry creating stuff.  As my understanding of the industry grew, I wanted to get into the “business behind the bricks”.  That led me to pursue roles in Knowledge Management, Advisory and Programme Management. In 2016 I was asked to take on Global HR.  Something I knew nothing about.  It was a great move and I love my role.  I now also have responsibility for CSR and Global Business Development.

What was your involvement with G4C and how it has helped in you in your career?

I was the 2nd Chair of the Design Build Foundation Graduate Board after a lady called Nerida Williams who founded the group. We re-branded as G4C (Generation for Collaboration), which David Whysall later changed to Generation for Change. The focus at the time was on collaboration and bringing together all the amazing different disciplines in our industry.  It’s still something I am passionate about.  I remember doing some great things like giving a speak to business leaders at Tower Bridge and having lunch with Sir Michael Latham at the RAC club.  I was also lucky enough to meet Sir John Egan.  Both Latham and Egan were trailblazers in encouraging more collaboration in a disjointed industry. It gave me confidence and profile at an early stage, so was definitely a career accelerator.

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