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G4C Success Stories – highlight on Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson, Gleeds

Who you are and your current role

Eve Wilson, Associate Director, Gleeds Energy Ltd. I started working at Gleeds during the pandemic, taking on the challenge of working for a new organisation remotely was initially quite daunting after being at my previous organisation from being a graduate. Gleeds Energy is a global business offering clients services in all aspects of project, commercial and contract management. We predominantly work in Nuclear, Marine and Clean Energy. If it was not for the pandemic and the option to work remotely the opportunity never would have arose as the majority of our clients are based in the North West and South West coasts. The flexibility of the working environment has allowed organisations like Gleeds to attract and retain talent who were not previously geographically available. Day to day my role varies significantly. From one day providing contract and commercial advice to our clients and procurement support, to supporting business plans, strategies, and bidding for new work the next. I’m also heavily involved in mentoring developing our graduates and young professionals on their career progression.

Your route into the Industry

From a young age I always had an interest in the built environment however was totally unaware of the scope of career options available. I studied for A-Levels at South Tyneside College and then started my career in property management, with a degree from Northumbria University. After a year in private practice knew I wanted to be more involved in the construction side. I worked on various major infrastructure projects throughout the UK and Europe, gaining my chartership through the RICS, before completing an MBA which enabled me to take a step into a more strategic role, where I now get to look at the wider impact of the projects and the built environment to be a part of really shaping the world we live in.

Your involvement with G4C and how G4C has helped you in your current career

I first got involved in G4C in 2016 and became part of the committee, I remember the first committee meeting I attended and was so pleased to see such a wide range of people from across different sectors with different backgrounds and experiences. I was so nervous as it was very early in my career as a graduate but everyone was so welcoming, and I was in awe of some of the talented individuals around the table. I became North East Co-Chair in 2018 which was when I really started to embrace the opportunities available through G4C. I was able to meet likeminded people not only from the North East but UK wide. It enabled me to get to know some inspiring future leaders as well as current leaders, providing the building blocks for future relationships. From a skills perspective, being part of G4C has made me appreciate all pathways within the industry, understanding their risks and drivers which enabled me to deliver a wide range of projects in various roles within a project. I’ve gained confidence from G4C to embrace every opportunity, the construction industry is an incredibly diverse place to work and by exploring various avenues while early on in your career can take you in directions you didn’t even know existed. The advancement of technology and digital will mean roles we have now will constantly adapt and change. By becoming an agile individual you will always have a place in construction.

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