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G4C Success Stories – highlight on Jack Hunter

Who you are and your current role

My name is Jack Hunter and I am currently the Deputy Director (Estates) in the Estates & Facilities Team at Newcastle University. Within my role I am responsible for leading our Capital, Maintenance, Improvements, Strategic Project & Planning and Property teams. Prior to my current roles I have held positions as Head of Improvements, Senior Project Manager and Project Manager in the Capital team.

Your route into the Industry

My route in to the Industry was a little bit of an odd one, whilst studying my A Levels I actually didn’t really know what I wanted to do next including whether to go to University or not. In the end I decided I would go to University because if nothing else it would give me a few more years to decide which career path I wanted to take and I would gain an extra qualification at the same time. I chose to study Construction Management at Northumbria University as I felt the modules contained both transferrable management skills and focussed on a particular industry that would hopefully lead to a job once I graduated. However, other than working my way down the course list on UCAS starting at the letter A there wasn’t a whole lot of science behind it….. although I did quite like watching Grand Designs at the time.

Upon graduation I started the job search and secured a role as a Graduate Project Manager with a Project Management Consultancy called AECOM (or Davis Langdon as they were known at the time) in their Cambridge office and it was at this point that I really started to understand what the Industry was about and thoroughly started to enjoy it. I then moved to their Leeds office for a short spell before securing a role at Newcastle University which was a little over 7 years ago now.


Your involvement with G4C and how G4C has helped you in your current career

I had been following what G4C were doing in the North East region for a couple of years but due to other commitments hadn’t had the chance to get involved a great deal. However when the opportunity arose to join the G4C Committee in 2019 I was really pleased to get the opportunity to get more involved in their numerous events. A stand out event for me was the opportunity to travel down to Hartlepool College with a number of other committee members to deliver a Career Event for a group of their students, sharing our routes in to the Industry and the wide range of careers and opportunities that are on offer whilst also keeping it interactive through team building exercises and playing with some of the new drone and VR technology.

G4C has supported my career by providing a network of likeminded individuals that are all looking to progress the industry that they work in for the better. It has also provided fantastic opportunities to share knowledge, skills and experiences with junior and prospective industry members to highlight the excellent work that takes place in the North East construction industry. Finally, G4C has also provided a platform through its CENE relationship to attend and present at regional events which is a great experience and highly rewarding.

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