g4clogo Generation 4 Change North East 2016 Awards

Apprentice of the Year Award              Atlas Cloud NEW JPEG
Sponsored by Atlas Cloud 

Judges will be looking to award apprentices who are working towards or have recently completed their apprenticeship.
Judges will look for:
 – Exemplars who showcase the difference they have made in the industry and organisations they work in.
– Demonstrating commitment to personal development and progression through contributions in the workplace.
– To be a shining example to other individuals looking to follow a career in construction.

Candidates must give examples of contributions in specific areas or projects in the workplace which have exceeded expectations.

Student of the Year Award                  T&T_Logo_PNG
Sponsored by Turner & Townsend 

This award specifically recognises a student who stands out from the crowd with outstanding achievements and results. Judges will be looking for evidence of candidates who:
– Demonstrate outstanding achievement together with academic excellence.
– Demonstrate high skill and are highly motivated and on the path to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.
– Shows an excellent academic record showing initiative and progression with considerations given to extraordinary achievements in the face of adversity.

Applicants should have recently completed or are currently in Higher Education or Further Education. Applicants must be completing or recently completed studies in Construction & the Built Environment field of study

Trainee of the Year                                      Elliott Associates Logo new
Sponsored by Elliott Associates 

 Judges are looking for candidates:
– Who are currently undertaking or have recently completed construction & the built environment work related training. Training can include short courses, personal development and progression or industry recognised training.
– Who have shown commitment to training and development while addressing the key elements of G4C.
– Who have progressed through their career and adapted to industry change. Applicants should demonstrate achievements throughout their career and how they have developed communication, team and leadership skills.

New Professional of the Year Jacksons Law Firm
Sponsored by Jacksons Law Firm  

The judges will be looking for an individual who has completed professional studies in construction & the built environment and embarked on a career within the industry. This award recognises the most talented individuals who have excelled within construction in the North East. This award will be presented to a new professional who strives to make great contributions to the industry while demonstrating exemplary performance in their field of expertise, standing out from their peers. This can be demonstrated through their technical ability, client/customer focus, projects or engaging and responding to the demands faced by clients and the industry.

Commitment to Employee Development Award  CIOB Logo
Sponsored by CIOB North East

This award will be given to the organisation who has best demonstrated a sustained commitment to employee development. Judges will be looking for a company:
– Who has a strategic plan that includes driving performance via professional development while sustaining that commitment.
– Organisations that invest time and money into their employees and set clear targets by providing staff with regular appraisals and feedback.
– Entries should show and win particular respect from the workforce and community through workforce development, skills and training, equality and diversity initiatives and improvements to health and safety and the working environment.

Young Achiever – G4C Award        NCBF
Sponsored by NCBF

This award looks to recognise a young achiever in our industry. The judges are looking for an individual:
– Who has best demonstrated a positive impact against the current G4C (Generation for Change) priority areas of people, sustainability and innovation.
– Recognising outstanding performance or influence by an individual who has been inspirational in the opinion of the sector peer group.
– Exemplary actions that have changed the behaviour or performance of others and delivered disproportionate benefits for, and left a legacy in, the outputs of the built environment sector. – Will show hallmarks championed by G4C and Constructing Excellence such as a belief in best practice and a wholehearted commitment to the Rethinking Construction and Construction 2025 agenda/principles. The key is that this needs to be visible i.e. adopted and adapted to make a real difference within the sphere of the applicant’s own operation, influence and community.
– Who can or will be leaders, opinion formers and champions of change.

If you would like any further details on how to enter or request a meeting with CENE to support you through your submission, please contact Leanne McAngus on 0191 5007880 or leanne@cene.org.uk  

G4C 2016 Awards Application Brochure

G4C Awards Application Form 2016 (Please use this application form for the above categories apart from Young Achiever, this can be downloaded below)

Young Achiever of the Year