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Construction Client’s Group

The Construction Client’s Group brings together a diverse range of North East construction clients to collaborate and drive transformation in the construction sector to deliver improved societal benefits. The group will work across all sectors of industry, supporting both informed, large repeat clients and the less experienced clients that do not have consistent build programmes or in-house expertise to call upon. It will also provide a safe and secure place, enabling clients to have open and honest discussions with their peers on the challenges they are facing.

Activity will be aligned to the OneVoice action plan supporting OneVoice, the North East England construction strategy, including the North East value toolkit, working with the Construction Innovation Hub. It is accepted that activity will be amended to meet the changing needs of the industry in the region.

Chair – Iain Garfield, Newcastle University

If you require more information or are interested in attending a Construction Clients Group meeting, please contact Catriona Lingwood.

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