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Decarbonising NEE Construction – powered by SmartCarbon

Climate Change is the top concern for the future of our planet. The construction industry accounts for 10% of the UK carbon emissions and directly influences 47% of all national emissions (NFB 2019). Through OneVoice, the NEE construction industry has pledged to support the North East England Climate Coalition (NEECCo) ambition of ‘Becoming England’s Greenest Region’.

Constructing Excellence North East is working with SmartCarbon to help the region’s construction industry to act on carbon by measuring, reporting and reducing organisations and the industry’s carbon footprint. Companies on the Decarbonising NEE Construction programme will receive discounts.

There are five steps in the programme, however companies can choose the point at which they wish to join.

Step 1 – Climate Reality Check

  • Training course, delivered by SmartCarbon, detailing the Climate Emergency and how company’s emissions contribute to climate change. This hard-hitting course will summarise the necessity of reducing impact, achieving net zero goals and a low carbon future.
  • For Business Leaders, senior managers and those with a role in measuring and delivery of carbon emissions reduction in their business.


Members – Free  |  Non-members – £35 +VAT

Step 2 – Carbon Champion: Carbon Footprinting and Reporting for Organisations

  • Training by SmartCarbon, providing a base understanding of Carbon Accounting enabling attendees to work with their organisations to start emissions data collation, calculation and reporting.
  • For people who will undertake the task of measuring and reporting emissions and their managers.
  • Endorsed by Northumbria University and IEMA accredited.


Members – £200.00 +VAT (£75 CENE subsidy)  |  Non-members – £250.00 +VAT (£25 CENE subsidy)

Step 3. Carbon Baseline Reporting using the SmartCarbon Calculator

  • Companies calculate and report their “Baseline” carbon emissions onto the CENE Carbon Emissions Reporting platform. This will set a benchmark for your organisation and allow you to use the platform to report your emissions going forward and include them as part of your wider business reporting.
  • A real benefit of completing this exercise is that you can then use this information to respond where required in procurement/tender responses, and demonstrate to clients, employees and stakeholders that you are taking action within your business.
  • CENE Members – 10% discount on the annual SmartCarbon Calculator fee.

Step 4. Carbon Reduction Plans with Industry Collaboration and Review

  • Companies develop a carbon reduction plan with the support of CENE and SmartCarbon and other programme users and continue to report their carbon emissions annually via the SmartCarbon calculator.
  • CENE will produce annual reports on carbon emissions for the region’s industry and highlight current best practice in emissions reduction measures.

Step 5. Development of a Framework for a Net Zero Future

  • CENE, SmartCarbon and programme members will collaborate to create a regional framework for collective improvement across the NEE construction industry, supporting carbon reporting and reduction activity. This will include an approved North East England based offset initiative.
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