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Net Zero Projects: The Challenges and Pitfalls

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Date: Thursday 5th October 2023

Time: 8.30am – 10.30am

Where: Offices of Ryder Architecture, Cooper Studios, Newcastle

Dr Tom Bradley, a director at Decerna, will delve deep into the world of Net Zero projects, shedding light on the challenges and the potential pitfalls that professionals in the field encounter.

Navigating Planning Permissions and Permitted Developments: Understanding the intricacies of securing planning permissions and leveraging permitted developments to facilitate net-zero projects.

Legislation: A deep dive into national and local legislations that govern net-zero projects and how to navigate them effectively to ensure compliance and success.

The UK Grid: Analysing the current state of the UK grid, understanding the prevailing issues, and envisioning the future developments in the grid infrastructure to support sustainable energy solutions.

Retrofitting Buildings for a Renewable Future: Strategies and challenges in retrofitting old and new buildings to be “renewable friendly,” and the innovative solutions that can be employed to overcome the hurdles.

Collaborative Approaches to Working with Stakeholders: Building and nurturing productive relationships with stakeholders through collaborative approaches to ensure the success of net-zero projects.

Tom Bradley has been a Director at Decerna for 11 years and was one of the founding members when the organisation originally spun off from the UK National Renewable Energy Centre. He has a PhD from Newcastle University in Life Cycle Assessment of microalgae-based biofuels, and leads on the large-scale infrastructure and LCA projects within Decerna.

Jessica Cook of Net Zero North East will also be a speaker.

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