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CENE Innovation Group Disperse Webinar

This event has passed.

The CENE Innovation Group will be hosting a webinar with Disperse on Wednesday 12th July at 11:00am.

Disperse is a building productivity provider with the mission to unlock the future of the building. We create turn-key solutions because we know that construction teams are busy. Rather than relying on manual input, we ingest project documents, scan project sites, and analyse site data to ensure our solutions deliver value to project teams from day one.

Will Synnott is a seasoned Geotechnical Engineer and now serves as a Construction Technology Consultant and the Director of Strategic Accounts at Disperse. His professional journey spans 14 years, with a focus on large-scale construction and infrastructure projects. This experience has made him well-versed in discussing the intricate details of London’s grand construction endeavors, including identifying the need for improved efficiencies.

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