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Climate Reality Check

This event has passed.

As part of our ongoing work to support the decarbonisation of the construction sector in the North East region we will be holding a further Climate Reality Check event in association with SmartCarbon.

During the session we will cover the current scientific consensus on global warming and climate change impacts, and an update on progress across industry in response to the resulting climate emergency. We will also provide an up-to-date outline of the legislation and regulations that are now driving businesses to report and reduce carbon emissions, and how these now impact the entire construction value chain.

We will also hear case studies on what organisations are doing to help their supply chain to report, and an update on the Constructing Excellence programme that will help smaller contractors to create a carbon emissions report that they can use in response to growing client requirements within the sector.

If you are not reporting you’re emissions right now and don’t know exactly where to start then the constructing excellence reporting programme in partnership with SmartCarbon is a great place to start. Equally if you have made a start on the reporting exercise but have questions and need support please come and join the discussion.

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