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Construction Contracts; Complying with the key clauses and the risks of non-compliance (for both parties)

Construction contracts have become so much more procedural than they have ever been. This creates risks and opportunities to both parties. Long gone are the days where the contract could be signed and put away until the final account was to be negotiated and a party who still does this is likely to get into difficulty’.

Bevan Brittan is a UK Top-100 law firm providing legal and advisory services advising businesses across construction, energy & resource management, higher education and financial services sectors, complementing the firm’s market leadership within housing, local government and health and social care.

As one of the leading groups of construction and engineering lawyers our award-winning specialist lawyers can advise you on every stage of your project from inception and choice of procurement, through the tender process, complex contractual negotiations, contract management, dispute avoidance and (if necessary) formal dispute resolution.

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