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Creating value as a contractor on frameworks

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Learn from one of the construction industry’s longest serving regional brands with an opportunity to ask questions and learn about Henry Boot Construction’s viewpoint and approach.

Public and private sector operators in the built environment, procuring authorities, consultants, designers, contractors, those interested in exploring access to frameworks.

Gain insight to the value of being a framework provider as a mid-size regional construction business; contractors perspective on what a successful framework looks like for clients and service providers.



Craig has been shaping construction solutions in the public and private sectors for 24 years.

An Engineering Graduate of The University of Aberdeen with a catalogue of project successes in the UK and overseas, Craig’s portfolio spans diverse built environment sectors including highways infrastructure and maintenance, civil engineering, building and refurbishment.

Craig is Head of Pre-construction, a senior leadership position within Henry Boot Construction Limited, a modern and progressive service provider operating across the North of England and the Midlands. He brings high-performing multi-disciplinary teams to clients and positions Henry Boot as the contractor of choice across sectors with tailwinds including: urban development, residential, industrial and logistics.

Craig promotes the Construction Playbook’s recommended activities in Henry Boot’s delivery model. Core to this is a roadmap of digital transformation and investment in maximising social value in partnership with local supply chains and sponsoring NZC and off-site solutions.

Craig is active across a diverse range of industry forums, provides input to thought leadership campaigns and influences soft marketing engagements to advise procuring authorities on best value routes and market advice. With Henry Boot’s presence in central and local Government construction frameworks, Craig supports governance, best practice sharing and raising the industry’s profile.

Craig supports the industry’s agenda to modernise and create a sustainable future for the construction sector and built environment. He considers that attracting talent through Henry Boot’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy is at the heart of plans to evolve resilience and present a long-term future to build on 135 years of business activity.

Craig is a family man and enjoys being outdoors in the Peak District hammering down a hill on his Mountain Bike.

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