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Decarbonising NEE Construction – Climate Reality Check

This event has passed.

Climate Change is the top concern for the future of our planet. The construction industry accounts for 10% of the UK carbon emissions and directly influences 47% of all national emissions (NFB 2019). Through OneVoice, the NEE construction industry has pledged to support the North East England Climate Coalition (NEECCo) ambition of ‘Becoming England’s Greenest Region’.

Constructing Excellence North East is working with SmartCarbon on the Decarbonising NEE Construction programme, to help the North East construction industry act on carbon, by measuring, reporting and reducing organisation’s and the industry’s carbon footprint.

This event will specifically look at the Social Housing sector and will include presentations and Q&A sessions from housing associations and tier 1 contractors working in social housing. The measurement of carbon emissions and the development of Carbon Reduction Plans is becoming a necessity for companies wishing to continue working within social housing. Join us to hear why this is and how the Decarbonising NEE Construction programme can help your company meet these new requirements.

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