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Diabetes, the hidden risk for health, safety and productivity in the workplace

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For anyone managing people at work, Health and Safety leads, Wellbeing leads and people who want to take care of their own health through simple steps.

• The impact diabetes has at work and the risks it poses
• How to support people living with diabetes
• The different types of diabetes
• The signs and symptoms
• How to spot a hypo (low blood sugar)
• How to lower blood sugar spikes
• Healthy choices that do not require a diet, just one less and eat your food in a different order.


Managing Director

Kate is the Managing Director of the Diabetes Safety Organisation, working in the construction and logistics sector, addressing the ever-present and increasing safety risk posed by diabetes. The company work to increase awareness and understanding of the invisible risks and health concerns associated with diabetes.

Kate is also a published author with a wealth of experience covering Health, Nutrition and Diabetes. She is working with Birmingham City University and is the Chair of a charity supporting diabetes in the community.

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