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Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration in a Post Pandemic World

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We are delighted to be joined for this session by Bola Abisogun who was last with us in June 2020 (watch recording). Our world of work through the Covid 19 Pandemic, and as we exit, has changed but how much when it comes to Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration?


There has been a shift within the construction sector towards greater understanding of the benefits of Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration but there is still a long way to go in a sector dominated by white males.

BAME employees make up about 6% of the workforce with women some 15% (but of this only some 2% work on-site).

With the predominance of white males across every part of the construction sector there is, as the CIOB report, ‘…a significant risk of unconscious bias in decision-making, and a tendency for cultures to be shaped around the majority view.’

The global consultancy McKinsey & Company have found a strong relationship between gender Diversity, Inclusion, and Performance with a 3.5% increase in earnings before tax for every 10% increase in gender diversity in the senior executive team.

In a time of a ‘perfect storm’ of both skills and labour shortages across the sector the need for a greater understanding and more importantly action in addressing the issues of Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration has never been higher. Failing to recognise, understand, and act will lead to a sector that fails.

Who Should Attend

Anyone from across the construction sector who cares about its future.

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