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G4C – Wilton Potash Mine Tunnel Site Visit

This event has passed.

The tunnel is approximately 6m diameter, which is formed by a tunnel boring machine or TBM for short. The tunnel is constructed using a concrete lining, the lining is made up of 1.5 m pre-cast concrete ring and each ring is constructed of 6 pre-cats concrete segments.

All segments are made on site, which is very unique for a tunnel project, the first in the world I am tole ( do your own research on  this). Strabag use a state of the art robotics within the segment production and also the traditional manual methods.

Strabag will manufacture ~24,67 rings to complete the tunnel drive which is around 148,000 pre cats concrete segments.

Strabag scope also included x2 shaft  sites along the route, first is the Lockwood back shaft site at ~12km from Wilton and is at a depth of 380m, the second at 24km and has yet to be constructed.

The visit is planned for the Wilton site only, and the tour will be surface only, showing the Strabag segment production facilities which include the cage production plant and the pre cast factory, and finishing off a visit to the launch ramp (surface).

Visit is around 1-2 hours and full PPE is required. This site visit is limited to 15 persons only.

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