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Innovation Theme Group – NextGen Heating

This event has passed.

Our next Innovation Theme Group webinar will be introducing Michael Beveridge, Operations Manager for NextGen.

NexGen “low resistance” heating films have been developed by a UK based team with over 60 years’ experience working within the fields of engineering, electronic technology and conductive inks. NexGen low resistance, waterproof, graphite and graphene based FAR infrared heating films are an ideal low carbon heating solution.


Ultra-thin, flexible, NexGen can be quickly and easily installed into floors and directly covered with a chosen finish.  NexGen is a low voltage ‘plug and play’ system, connected via low voltage transformers and is safe to install, safe to touch and can be cut if required on the graphene/graphite area.


NexGen has no moving parts, no liquid elements and no internal combustion which require annual servicing. The heating films have a 15-year warranty. Octopus Energy endorsed NexGen provides extremely efficient low cost, high-efficiency heating and featured at COP26 as part of a suggested strategy to help decarbonise Scotland.

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