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Innovation Theme Group – Use of super-insulating plaster materials

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Thermulon is a UK based materials company making super-insulating aerogel materials which are specifically engineered to fight both the climate and fire-safety emergencies. Aerogels are some of the most insulating materials in existence as well as being fire-safe due to their chemical structure, but their complex manufacture has always made them too expensive for use in construction. Thermulon is using novel manufacturing techniques to make aerogels more cost efficient to bring them In line with construction industry needs / pricing requirements.

Thermulon’s first products are super-insulating plaster materials for use in the retrofit industry. Easy to use, applied directly to solid walls, and breathable – the aim is to use this product to tackle some of the 7 million solid-wall UK homes that are in dire need of insulating.

Join us on our webinar to find out more about Thermulon, its current projects and its development pathway.

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