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Navigating public procurement and how to challenge when it goes wrong

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Join Alison Walton and Leah Heatley, specialists in public procurement law and partners at Muckle LLP

They will give a selection of practical tips for bidding to the public sector, including how to navigate the process and documents, how to raise clarifications and negotiation points and how to challenge a process when something goes wrong.

Alison is an expert in the field of public procurement, and has been involved in a number of high profile procurement exercises acting for the public sector and for bidders. Her experience includes advising on procurement in relation to major outsourcing, urban regeneration projects and public/private partnering arrangements. She also advises on procurement challenges, and has been part of a team which has both successfully brought and defended major procurement claims.

Leah is a very experienced public procurement litigator who has been involved in a number of high profile procurement challenges. Leah regularly advises bidders on their rights during a procurement process, including whether to formally challenge the outcome of a process. Leah works very closely with unsuccessful bidders to agree a focussed strategy to help achieve their desired outcomes.

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