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Northumbrian Water Mosswood Site Visit

As part of the site visit, NWG will do a full tour of the site to discuss the water treatment process – from abstraction to distributing up to 130 million litres per day into our water network including the role our on-site operations team play. This site has also recently had three multi-million pound, highly complex capital projects which we will discuss why they were undertaken and the challenges we overcame to successfully carry them out.

The three projects are:

  • Installation of industry first, innovative UV treatment into very tight existing infrastructure to improve water quality for our customers.
  • An upgrade of the incoming power supply and on site fixed generators which involved modifications to the site to allow the powering of the site on temporary generators without interrupting customer supplies.
  • The construction of a 16 million litre nature based attenuation lagoon that allows us to divert the treatment process in the event of a process failure so that customer supplies are not affected.


**A maximum of 1 person from each organisation and the visit is limited to 10 persons**

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