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Suicide Prevention – How can we as industry prevent this?

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‘Every 20 seconds someone attempts to take their own life. In 2021 5,558 suicides were lives lost in the UK that could have been prevented.’

‘Around 500 of those lives lost to suicide were men in the construction industry.’

‘The construction industry has the highest suicide rates per any industry in the UK. Are we doing enough to prevent them? ‘

This workshop has been designed and delivered by workplace mental health experts, Our Mind’s Work, Safeguarding Specialist, RLB Safeguarding and Men’s Health service provider ManHealth and their ManBassador mission.


Aim: This Suicide Prevention Strategy Workshop for the construction industry is designed to increase your understanding of the current risks your organisation and colleagues may be presenting, what a ‘suicide safer’ organisation looks like as best practice and provide a suicide prevention lens to explore your current initiatives and strategy with.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the perfect storm that creates high risk of suicide in the industry
  • Understand why men are a high risk group and how to engage them in help seeking behaviours
  • Identify risks of suicide to colleagues and gaps in your current mental health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Understand a strategic approach to prevention, your legal obligations and risk assessment
  • Know key elements required for delivering a ‘Suicide Prevention Strategy’.
  1. Leadership
  2. Prevention, Intervention, Postvention
  3. Safeguarding People
  4. Training and Education


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for anyone working in the construction industry who is responsible for workers mental health and wellbeing and able to take action with outcomes of the session to develop and deliver a suicide prevention strategy in their organisation.

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