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The construction disciplines – what does Building Safer mean to you?

This event has passed.

The Building Safety Bill has recently gone through its second reading.  Although actual legislation is still a way off, the Building Safety Regulator and the government do not expect the construction industry to carry on as they have been and wait until the legislation comes into effect.  They expect the construction industry to be changing now, in line with the bills contents and every recommendation that has come about as a result of Grenfell and the review reports.  With the shocking contents of the Grenfell enquiry out in the public domain, everyone working in the industry needs to reflect inwards (organisations and individuals) and ensure they act and behave appropriately now. But what does each discipline (PM, QS, SHE, Designers, and clients, etc) have to or should do now.

This event will not rehash what’s in the bill, rather give a robust straight forward direction on what all construction disciplines should be doing.”

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