The G4C Virt-Dual Mentoring Programme allows for a diverse approach to mentoring between individuals of all experience levels, whilst developing the future of construction, improving communication and most importantly sharing knowledge with the sector. Current industry leaders and future industry leaders will benefit from understanding how the irrespective organisations can attract and retain new starters, as well as develop innovative ideas and enhance their personal development. Progressing into a new virtual world, the Virt-Dual mentoring scheme hopes to build connections between industry professionals from varying disciplines and levels of experience, whilst allowing for greater access to “face to face” communication.

Virt-Dual is open to anyone who is keen to further their career within the industry, looking to develop their personal skills and widen their industry perspective, whilst building a meaningful relationship with another industry professional.

For more information please see link to Information Pack. To apply please return the attached Application form to

VirtDual Criteria & Application Form                                    VirtDual Information Pack