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Together we’re stronger.

Constructing Excellence North East is working for the future of the construction industry in North East England.  We want to work with people and organisations from across the sector to drive positive change.

As a membership organisation we rely on the support of construction clients, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to enable us to deliver activity across the region.





What can membership bring to you?


We are closely aligned to Constructing Excellence, part of BRE, enabling us to be connected to the most up to date advances in construction at both a national and regional level. Our work has developed close links with the Construction Leadership Council and we are instrumental in regional roll out of national initiatives including the Construction Innovation Hub – Value Toolkit.

Our sector theme groups focus on the Climate, Value, Innovation and People, developing resources and events to support knowledge sharing across the sector. Examples of activity include monthly innovation webinars, the Decarbonising NEE Construction Programme, social media campaigns to promote careers and training opportunities in the industry etc.


Construction is a fabulous, exciting and fast-paced sector and as such we celebrate our achievements together through the annual awards programme. The Constructing Excellence North East Awards celebrate the companies, clients and projects excelling in the region and the winners go on to compete in the Constructing Excellence awards to receive national recognition. The Generation for Change (G4C) Awards celebrate the achievement of our students, apprentices and young professionals, seeking our Future Leaders for the industry.

We also facilitate delivery of OneVoice, the North East England Construction Strategy aiming to build a successful, sustainable and inclusive construction industry, equipped with the people and technology to deliver a carbon neutral built environment. Join us to bring your voice into our OneVoice for industry.


We are the only organisation representing the whole construction sector, all professions, trades, contractors, clients, and consultants. By coming together, we can learn from each other, develop our knowledge and understanding and appreciate each other’s skills and experiences, leading to a better built environment for the future. Our broad range of events attract people from across the sector and are supplemented with monthly networking events include First Friday Club in Newcastle and Third Wednesday in Teesside enabling you to meet new people and reconnect with others.

Generation 4 Change (G4C) our young professionals in construction network regularly meet, professionally and socially in both Tyneside and Tees Valley. For details of all these events, click here.


The industry is changing rapidly and ensuring your business is up to date is essential to remain competitive. All our events, webinars and workshops are CPD accredited and through these we work to raise the knowledge and skills of the regional workforce. We also have close working relationships with further education colleges, universities and other stakeholders enabling us to ensure education and training programmes are relevant to industry.


Constructing Excellence in the North East is a forum enabling people from across the construction industry to get together to learn and share best practice. Join today and help make a difference.


£240 + VAT per annum
  • Free entry to all networking events for the Individual
  • Discounted entry to many other Constructing Excellence events for the Individual


£550 + VAT per annum
  • Free entry to all networking events for three delegates
  • Discounted entry to many other Constructing Excellence events for three delegates*

Large Corporate

£720 + VAT per annum
  • Free entry to all networking events for five delegates
  • Discounted entry to many other Constructing Excellence events for five delegates*
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