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Becoming England’s greenest region

Leanne Fletcher, regional sustainability manager, Sir Robert McAlpine, said:

“The Climate Emergency is a global issue and a real threat to our region; our landscapes, our infrastructure, our people, our businesses and our way of life. Everyone has a part to play in addressing it. The construction industry represents 10% of UK carbon emissions and directly influences 47% of all national emissions1, therefore it has a significant role in implementing change and taking action.

“Within the action plan, there are six objectives to bring the region’s industry together to work collaboratively and deliver on the ambition to be England’s greenest region. One Voice are asking for everyone across the region’s industry to pledge to support these objectives, take action, share good practice and innovation and make meaningful progress towards decarbonisation. This progress will set the standard for the industry across the rest of the country, and even the wider world.

“It is our moral responsibility to take action now. To protect ourselves, our families, friends and future generations from the worst of the forecasted impacts of climate change.”

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