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The best place to work in construction

We will work with the North East Local Enterprise Partnerships to attract, develop, retain, reward and celebrate people equipped with the necessary personal, technical and leadership skills.

Hollie Statham, design manager for Bowmer+Kirkland, said:

“Our people are our most valuable asset. As a region we commit to inspiring our future by attracting, developing, rewarding and celebrating a diverse, well-rounded, highly skilled and engaged workforce. With this, we aim to train to the highest standards and retain our people for the prosperity of our region. Through OneVoice, we will not only promote aspirational careers within the industry, but develop careers which create better built environments, improve communities, positively address the climate emergency, and impact the social and economic prosperity of North East England. To retain our home-grown talent and attract new talent to the region we will work with employers to enhance working cultures, create safe and inclusive working practices and support life/work balance, enabling our people to live fulfilled, healthy and happy lives.

“The action plan promises to strive to make the North East the best construction region to work for, and equip our current and future leaders with the necessary personal, technical and leadership skills to drive our industry into the next century. Coming together is the beginning, staying together is the process and working together will be our success.”

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