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Recognising value over cost throughout a confident supply chain

Adam Dalby, architect at FaulknerBrowns, said:

“We need to shift expectations, cultures and outputs in construction. A more holistic approach to what we procure, what we build and what we don’t. We need to reassess what we reward and what we deem a success. Without this we will not achieve our collective goals, averting the climate crisis and futureproofing our workforce and industry. Projects can no longer be described as a success because they were delivered to minimum standards at the lowest capital cost on completion. We must consider whole life, operational, maintenance, social and carbon costs of every building, masterplan and infrastructure project we undertake.

“We need to upskill, retrain, and reimagine our workforce to achieve these goals and this can not be achieved with profit margins and practices as they currently are. Client foresight and leadership is needed, guided by the construction industry is the only route to changing our industry to one that values Value over cost.”

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