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Sector Theme Groups

The Sector Theme Groups are designed to showcase good practice across North East England and beyond. By harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience of our industry members and partners, the groups identify opportunities for the region’s development, building on existing good practice to deliver a more productive sector, delivering long term value and sustainability for society in North East England.

If you wish to become involved in any of the listed theme groups, please contact our Sector Coordinator Chelsea Corbett via email chelsea@cene.org.uk

Climate Action

The Climate group brings together representatives from across the North East England construction industry to review Climate Emergency guidance, commitments and legislation at a regional and national level; review the potential impact on the regional industry; and promote climate action through the North East England Climate Coalition (NEECCo), the OneVoice, North East England construction strategy, and other CENE initiatives and activities.

The Climate group also undertakes the role of the North East England Climate Coalition (NEECCo) Built Environment Group working alongside the NEECCo Housing Retrofit Group and Net Zero North East.

Chair – Dr Olli Jones, Cundall 



The CENE Innovation group sets out to bring together representatives from across the North East England construction industry to raise awareness of best practice and innovation in products, processes and modern methods of construction, and promote innovative activity through CENE initiatives.

Chair – Mark Gardham, Sir Robert McAlpine

Vice Chair – Andy Ray, Applebridge Construction


The People group works across all sectors of the construction industry, supporting employers of all sizes and their workforce. The group reflects the work of the OneVoice People theme and includes activity around wellbeing, skills, inclusion, education etc.

Working with education providers, we support curriculum development through industry liaison, ensuring learners obtain industry relevant skills to complement their academic and vocational studies.

Working with the industry, we support activity within companies to make the North East of England a better place to work for people of all backgrounds.

The People group is a merger of the Skills group and the Wellbeing group.

Chair – Darush Dodds, Esh Group

Vice Chair – Angela Carney, Carney Consultancy


We must consider whole life, operational, maintenance, social and carbon costs of every building, masterplan and infrastructure project we undertake.

We need to upskill, retrain, and reimagine our workforce to achieve these goals and this can not be achieved with profit margins and practices as they currently are. Client foresight and leadership is needed, guided by the construction industry is the only route to changing our industry to one that values Value over cost.

Chair – Kathryn Gardner, K2 Construction Management 

Vice Chair – Suzanne Blair, GT3 Architects

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